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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ukee's off today. lets get to meteorologist kate bilo with more on what we can expect. it doesn't sound great. >> unfortunately we will kick start a period of cool, cloudy , showery weather that will take us through weekend and even into next week and much like what we're seeing outside today. cloud have been in place they are starting to break up a bit , starting to see breaks of sunshine but more sun we will see better chance we have of a shower or storm popping up. not a whole lot out there right now but watching a couple of spots here just west of lancaster county, is there one nasty storm heading toward baltimore area that we will keep an eye on for friend in delaware but these are one or two popping up near lebanon, near york and headed for lancaster county right now. heavy rain, flash of light evening not a ton out there but keep an eye to the sky out and about this evening. and then we will take a look at this system for weekend this batch of rain, showers could impact your saturday afternoon, it does look like much of this will trend to the south, and we can see how
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thinks on the trajectory down through del marva but we will track showers on and off throughout the weekend time frame. through rest of tonight here's what to expect friday night people want to get out, maybe head to the phillies game. we're talking about a couple scattered showers, thunder showers moving from the west and it does look like much but a few popping up at 8:00 before we try to clear it out through overnight hours. temperatures are on their way up just slightly now that the sunnies trying to peak out. sixty-seven in lancaster. sixty-two in philadelphia. sixty-five in dover, right now all that warmth adding to the risk for pop up showers and storms. and chance to see any sun and coastal low that could bring some troubles this week. stay tune for that, nicole, back over to you. police in south jersey are searching for a motorcycle driving menace, they say that the man was caught on surveillance video, throwing nails on to driveways, causing unsuspecting met troy get flat tires. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in
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vineland with pictures of suspect vandal that police want you to see, cleve. >> reporter: well, having a hard time seeing this little nail you are not alone, that is why about 20 people, drove over hundreds of these nails, here at entrance way to a business in vineland. as i found out today this isn't the first time this has happened. deflated frustrated that is situation with employees at compass wire club in vineland thanks to these. roofing nails spread across the entrance to the parking lot early tuesday morning, a lot more than two dozen tires. >> what possesses people to do something like that. >> reporter: vineland police don't know why but they are getting closer to who. they have released these pictures of the denim clad man on the motorcycle spreading nails, at another business about 2 miles away, but same type of nail incident damaged employees vehicles last weekend. it turns out that the nail bandit has been to both places before. four years in a row, sarin,
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three-year at compass each time around easter. >> first year we were pretty short with disgruntled employee we had let go so we, pursue in with the local police and then we were hit again, last year, and the same thing. it has been a real interruption for us. it could have caused real harm to some people driving home. >> we have seen, hanging out down here. >> reporter: alan was one of the victims and another co-worker spent almost his whole shift tuesday fixing tires. >> from 11:00 o'clock until end of the day,. >> reporter: he spread nails around as a twisted individual but clever, picking out roofing nails. >> makes them want to flip up and go right in your tire. >> reporter: rick ways nail throwing biker bandits should pay for tires they popped and get help. you know, just mad at the world and just don't have anything better to do i guess. >> reporter: take a look again at this picture. if you recognize the man on
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the motorcycle that may have been, responsible for spreading all of these nails around the businesses, please call vineland police. he could owe victims here thousands of dollars. live from vineland, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> all right cleve thank you. man is fighting for his life after a shooting in the ogontz section, it happened about 11:00 o'clock last night at 15th and conlin streets. victim remains in critical condition, and another man was shaken up but not hurt when a stray bullet went through window of his home narrowly missing him as he slept in bed >> the individual that was, laying, inside that bed, heard the gun shots, heard the bullet come through his window but he is extremely lucky because just about 1 foot away , from him, is where the bullet lodged in his bed post. >> authorities are questioning two men who fled from the scene possibly, throwing guns from their cars. police have charged driver of the overnight crash on i-95 that killed a woman who was
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riding in the car. twenty-three year-old arthur lewis was charged this afternoon with third degree murder and vehicular homicide for driving under the influence. police say that drugs were found in the driver's pocket. police were attempting to stop the 1999 acura for speeding but trenton man sped up leading police on a chase. car struck a concrete barrier and then flipped near exit 40 in bristol and 22-year old trenton woman died in that crash, two passengers from the back seat were also injured. in france authorities say that the man who killed a police officer and wounded, and wound three dollars others in paris had a note on him defending isis. investigators believe that attack on police was captured on this cell phone video. they say it appears to show suspect car next to the police van and two men with weapons drawn. one officer was killed and two other officers were wounded. the woman was also caught in the gunfire. investigators also say that 39 year-old kareem trophy served time for previous armed assaults on law enforcement.
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state of arkansas carried out its first execution in nearly a dozen years and has plans for three more. convicted murderer ledeli was given a lethal injection just before midnight, lee was sentenced to death for beating a woman to death with a tire iron, in 1993. he was one of the eight inmates arkansas officials sought to execute before the lethal injection drug expired april 30th. the state still plans to put two more inmates to death on monday, and one, on thursday. jurors are learning more about the life of the state police troop shore was gunned down by eric frein in 2014. brian dickson's sister and one of his best friend testified today during the penalty phase face of frein's trial. stacy hinkley says that frein severed the dickson bond when he took their brother's life. second trooper alex douglass was critically injured. frein is facing the death penalty. fast moving fire damages a
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hotel in south jersey this happened around 3:30 this afternoon at garden state inn on route 130 in cinnaminson. chopper three was over that scene as fire fighters assess the damage. we're told everyone inside got out safely, nobody was hurt, right now crews are working to pinpoint what sparked the fire eyewitness captured this video of the house fire in camden, new jersey, this two alarm fire broke out around 9:00 this morning, inside a two story home near mechanic and loop is streets. we know one person was taken to cooper medical center but no word on their injuries. the cause remains under investigation. the nfl draft is just days away, and more traffic restrictions are popping up, in and around art museum area as our anita oh tells us many are worried about possible grid lock on normally busy city streets. road closed, detour ahead. crews prepped for nfl draft in town next week these signs have been a familiar sight for
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drivers along ben franklin parkway. >> i'm not too thrilled witt. >> when faced with real road closures phase four a day later traffic in the area may get worse. >> even though they announced closures, everybody takes the alternate route so it just blocks traffic and that is how you go. >> reporter: month long road closures have been necessary for cities spokeswoman due to the custom build of the 3,000 feet open air theater near art museum, total footprint of the draft experience in the city is equal to 21 football fields. >> we deserve it. >> reporter: in a statement the philadelphia mayor's office said in part said every effort has been made to contends time line in the shortest build possible and to minimize disruption but commuters like tray gardener says traffic troubles have been a nuisance. >> i kind of see their point where you want to do something different and have it out in the open but how many people are you going to inconvenience >> reporter: martin collette who lives near parkway is welcoming activity. >> i don't mind it at all. it brings a lot of business to
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the city. i'm used having to a lot of events on the parkway. >> reporter: there are parking restrictionness place, visitors bureau arranged free parking at sports stadium complex accessible by public transportation. meanwhile ride sharing service lyft is expecting a 200 percent surge in demand during the draft. some of those road closures will last until may seventh, about a week after the draft end but beside getting around how much will they get at concessions at the draft cost you? we will have that at 6:00. reporting near the parkway anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as we count down to the draft, right here in philadelphia. also, on ben franklin parkway, a few months from right now queen of hip-hop soul will head line welcome america celebration. just announce today mary j. blige will perform at the free july 4th concert, also, philly 's own the boys two men will take the stage so a lot to look forward to their. >> um-hmm.
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a hollywood producer makes a generous donation to, been state university. donald created ncis, magnum pi and quantum leap. bellczar use donated 30 million-dollar to the communication school that will carry his name. he graduated from penn state in 1961, he broke in who hollywood production in the 1907's winning em ace long the way. penn state says its donation is fifth largest gift in the university's history. well, it is hard to believe that one year ago today we lost a music superstar. >> city of minneapolis was shining purple overnight in tribute to prince and coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 we will have more on how he is being remembered on this anniversary. plus an egyptian american aid worker is back in the you had after being held cap tip for three years. she met with president trump today and coming up, what was accused of and how the president was able to negotiate her release. and they say, lightening
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doesn't strike twice? but this video may prove otherwise. cloudy friday. kate is tracking chance of showers tonight and will track kate is tracking chance of showers tonight and will track it down including the weekendhes are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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volkswagen has been ordered to pay $2.8 billion fine for cheating on diesel emissions test. federal judge ordered the criminal penalties six weeks after german auto maker pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction of justice. volkswagen admitted nearly 600,000 diesel cars sold in the u.s. were programmed to turn pollution control on during testing and off while on the road. it is now been a year since we learned of the sudden death of music legend prince and fans all over the world are remembering him with tribute toss his life and to his music. >> landmarks all across minneapolis were lit in purple overnight, even the cities lowery avenue bridge was a wash in purple lights. prince music lives on in the hearts of many fans, of course ,es explosion if prince paisley park estate where correspondent sam champion is covering the memorial events. >> reporter: prince fans of all ages gathered outside his
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paisley park estate in minnesota to grief, and to remember some say they wanted tornote icon's memory and be one more time in the purpleed rain. >> a lot of us took him for granted and we didn't realize what we had until it is gone. >> reporter: prince rodgers nelson died a year ago, today at the age of 57, from an overdose of the opioid fentanyl, the medical examiner ruled it a accident but police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his death. messaging to the beloved pop star were scrolled on the wall of the tunnel near his home. richard logan and her friend wrote thanks for being the sound track of my life. >> prince to me has had mystery about it. it just seemed that his energy would go on forever. >> reporter: emma pierson traveled all the way from ice land. >> good to be around the feeling and the energy of prince, and, you know, just for fans and everyone seems positive and happy.
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>> reporter: all around tributes are being made, last night bridges and buildings were batted in purple lights. there are events planned throughout the weekend to honor prince, including concert is here at paisley park, there is also a tribute wall outside. a huge, overnight dance party is plan at first avenue, minneapolis stapel where scenes from prince's iconic movie purple rain were filled, a reminder that the singer still as influential in death as he was in life. don champion for cbs news, machine minute so the a. well, power of the mother nature unfolded in texas. severe weather brings light evening that strikes the same house, twice. blink and you will miss it. two strikes lit up night sky in holiday texas overnight, that is 120 miles northwest of the fort worth. slow motion, strike shows two distinct bolts of lightening hitting the exact same spot. yes, on video.
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>> i have to be honest with all of you out there during the commercial break, we were talking about this weather. you know, no one here likes it no one likes it. we are just not having it. >> i think you said, wow. >> yes. >> and it looks like it will look like this, through the weekend and into next tuesday, probably. this, through the we may see a few breaks of sun here and there and we are trying to lincoln to any sun we can get. i will she you best chance if you have been vitamin d deprived here and there this week lets look at what we have going on, starting off in bethlehem where it is gray, misty, drizzly, a lot of moisture in the atmosphere as well and just not a nice looking day. cloud just never broke up enough if we would have gotten just a few breaks of sunshine, warm air is there, overhead, but it is just not getting down to the surface. temperatures have been stuck in the 50's and 60's for most of the day to day. you can see storm scan three, now showing a few pop up showers and storms heading our way. they are few and far between, that is good news but we could
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see one popping up at anytime this evening. cloud are starting to dissipate just a little bit. we may see sun break out this evening but again notice a few scattered showers and storms back around lancaster counties , one to watch this passing south of baltimore that could clip southern delaware here within the next couple of hours. again few and far between. out and about and caught in one of these showers and storms that is why they are popping up here and there. thinks part and parcel of the larger pattern that we will see develop as we head through weekend. front extending back down to another low developing over portions of the tennessee valley lifting toward east coast this weekend. a lot of that will stay to the south. notice the showers right here over portions of indiana and illinois that will likely impact our forecast for tomorrow. it is now looking like tomorrow may actually be the weather of the two weekend days and better chance to see sunshine could be on sunday as storm sped up. we have talked about this last night. take a look at kutztown, gray skies, 58 degrees, kid outside
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on the soccer field, east wind and we are seeing cooler temperatures. we just could not get cloud to break enough to overcome that east wind. temperatures hovering in the lower 60's. warming up in millville, breaks of sun there 69. dover at 65. lancaster at 67. temperatures are rising, slowly and there will be a chance for that pop up shower or then are storm, heading to the phillies game, otherwise cool, cloudy 60 degrees tonight at 7:05. for your evening hours isolated shower or storm 60 degrees is our evening temperature. we will not drop inch it. fifty-seven your overnight low but heading in to tomorrow we will have a chance for a few scatter showers at anytime through the day. notice tomorrow is cloudy, few showers to the south in the afternoon, a few clip the area in the evening and then sunday we will see a couple more showers to the south. so breaking down your weekend, mainly cloudy for tomorrow, showers around, especially in the afternoon. sunday could start with shower to the south but i do think our best chance to see some sun this weekend is especially
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from the city on north and west will be sunday afternoon. then on monday it is cool, cloudy, breezy, with showers again we have good news. new member of the weather watcher team rolled up to the "eyewitness news" studios this afternoon. look at this, drone watch three captured it's a approach live at noon as our brand new mobile weather watcher arrived i'm so excited about this. first give you a sneak peak of this vehicle that will take our weather story telling to the next level. monday, "eyewitness news" at 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. we will bring our weather watcher crew together and taking you inside for a look around of this beautiful vehicle has to offer. we will show what you this baby can do, you can do a lot of things and we are exited to take that on to the road. >> impressive. >> i can't wait to drive it. >> awesome, thanks, kate. earth day 2017 is tomorrow but new disney movie celebrates nature today. still ahead on "eyewitness
5:21 pm
news" we will take you on location to one of the most remote areas in the world. meet wild animal born in china in this unforgettable tribute to mother nature, don. that moment when a player 's name becomes one with the eagles, straight ahead making of the new jersey how 62nd makes all of the difference in the nfl draft.
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[car[clicking of ignition]rt] uh-- wha-- woof! eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence]
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[engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues] when you watch the game at the link you will see thousands of fans wearing the jerseys of their favorite players. but the connection between jersey, fan, and player have been, way, before that. the nfl draft is now, six days away, and here's how a name, becomes part of the game it is a photo opp of the lifetime commissioner calls your name. >> philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> and then you give him a
5:25 pm
bear hug and for the first time in your life you pose with a professional jersey with your name on the back but making that picture perfect moment takes more effort then you think. >> it is quick. i give a lot of credit to our partners at nike who are ready to go to screen that name on there they are ready to put that on there, whatever, even if is there a trade you have to be ready with this stuff. >> reporter: here's what he means, each team has a different font so there are 32 different versions of each prospect's name. once player is pick they have to match it to the jersey, all within about a minute. >> they have also got every hat size, for each of the prospects and every team so you have to make sure that fit a new era cap fits when it goes out on the stage. a lot of moving parts they may not see normally behind the scenes of the draft. >> reporter: speaking of behind the scenes each team allows a season ticket hold tore hand deliver the jersey to nfl commissioner roger goodell. gale waymayor, of northeast
5:26 pm
philadelphia will do honors. how long has she been an eagles fan. >> since i was 12 years old, which was 1961. now that i told my age. >> reporter: gayle is ready for an opportunity of the lifetime. her daughter nominated her for the job. >> it was a complete surprise and overwhelming, completely overwhelming. everybody in the eagles organization has been great, so far. so looking forward to next week. >> all right, gayle thank you. she gets to take one person with her. >> okay. >> for that experience of the lifetime and she will take her daughter. >> that is great. >> yeah. >> good move. >> good time. >> yes. >> thanks, don. a philadelphia film history gone for history, new at 5:30 a storefront that many rocky fans would recognize is demolish, without warning. plus a royal watch, prince william and harry open up but the loss of hear noter
5:27 pm
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this is, news continuing at 5:30, and here's what you need to know, this man on the met or cycle is accused of throwing nails in the driveways in vineland. the act of vandalism has caused 30 flat tires for unsuspecting drivers. police are asking for public's help identifying suspected vandals. worry is growing over road closures and traffic restrictions in the area of next week's nfl draft being held on the ben franklin parkway. day three of the road closures , starts monday, phase four goes into effect tuesday. mary j. blige is head lining welcome america celebrations, philly's own
5:31 pm
boys two men hitting the stage , all of the fun kicks off on the ben franklin parkway, on july 4th. also tonight, finally free , president trump secures release of american aid worker from an egyptian jail. good evening everyone aim nicole brewer. ukee's off. aim jessica dean. president trump hosted 30 year-old aya hijazi at the white house this morning. she spent three years in captivity on charges of child abuse. human rights group dismissed as bogus. >> we are very happy to have a ya back home, and it is a great honor to have her, in the oval office, with her brother. >> president trump met with the egyptian president at the white house earlier this month and helped negotiate hijazi's release. we are joined by face the nation host john dickerson. john, always great to see you on friday. >> good to be with you, jessica. >> i want to talk about president trump who will soon reach his 100 days in office,
5:32 pm
metric so many use to judge an administration and how it has been moving from campaigning to governing, how do you think he is being judged in washington as we come up upon that 100 day mark. >> well, first of all presidents hate the 100 day mark because it started with fdr and he had a big emergency that gave a sense of urgency to everything happening in washington so you could get things done more quickly then in today's partisan much more slow moving washington. so, president obama didn't like it, president trump doesn't either in part because while he has had success, naming someone to the supreme court, big success that will have an impact on american life for probably 20, 30, 40 years, and he has been able to do some things through executive action much in the same way president obama did when he was stopped by congress but president trump has not had a big achievement through congress and his travel ban has been twice held up by the courts. so he is bumping in the other branches of government and that is frustrating to him and
5:33 pm
also, the measurement of the president is kind of a funny thing. it is up to the voters, and opposition, and your allies, and the pundits. but in this case president trump has set a high bar for himself with all of the things he was going to get done so he is being measured by his high expectations that he set when he talk about winning so much, people would get tired of it. >> that is right. coming up on sunday we will have three people who play key rolls in the 2016 election. senator marco rubio, governor john kasich. i know you cannot get into what you will talk to them about all of them but what are the themes you are hoping to cover with those men. >> well, all three ran for president. we're in this moment of the de stabilization in politics where president trump is kind of his own person, he doesn't fit into an idealology particularly and that is destabilized the republican party a little bit. john kasich is basically, in his book and in his campaign and in the way he approaches
5:34 pm
government a very different kind of republican. marco rubio is a very different republican when it comes to foreign policy. these are different visions that are still alive in our politics and being debated and bernie sanders is in the thick of the debate in the democratic party which is trying to figure out what it believes and is really having a lot of clashes, bernie sanders was in on a unity tour right now with the head of the democratic party but clear from even that tour that there is not a lot of unity in the democratic party, except in opposition to donald trump but you cannot build a party necessarily on that. we want to talk to him about what idea really are the center of the democratic party but he will reminus, he is not a democrat. >> that is exactly right, fascinating stuff. we will be watching on sunday. thanks for being with us tonight. >> sure thing. you can watch john dickerson, this sunday and every sunday on face the nation and it happens at 10:30 3 former president barack obama is set to make his first
5:35 pm
powe white house appearance on monday. president obama will join young leaders at university of chicago to discuss local community affairs. it is seen as part of the non- profit obama foundation to help develop the next generation of the citizens. obama is also set to accept an award in boston next month. queen elizabeth's grandsons prince william and harry are opening up about the painful loss of their mother princess diana. >> they sat down recently to discuss their boss and gave their most open comments since the car crash 20 years ago. >> it is rare candid conversation between siblings, britain's young royals have opened up further ber their own personal struggles, including the death of prince william and harry's mother princess diana. >> it is incredible how strong and how you have been able to go through this.
5:36 pm
the relationship that you've got, amazing. >> reporter: prince williams wife kate spoke about her own adjustment to parenthood. >> little george, you have no idea what you are doing. no matter how many books you read. nothing can prepare you for that. >> there is no rule book, training, you just have to learn from previous generations. you have to do what you want to do. >> it has been a week of unprecedented revelations as royals work to raise awareness about mental health. they have brought in celebrities like lady gaga who are shared their struggles. >> when you wake up, you are so tired, you are so sad, you are so full of anxiety, and shakes thaw can barely think but everyone is saying like this is a part of me, and that is okay. >> reporter: royals say even a simple conversation could be the the first step toward healing. >> a form of medicine. >> young royals hope that these candid remarks help others by raising awareness
5:37 pm
for mental health issues. big change is now official at west chester university. christopher fior10o was inaugurated as school's 15th president today. he scored as interim president but has been with the university for 33 years in total. west chester has seen student population glow unlike 12 other schools in the state system. well, imagine buying a car , like you buy a can of soda or even a snack. >> well, still to come a car vending machine see how purchasing a carries as easy as buying a bag of chips. tori. franklin institute is kicking off a few days all about science, and they have a lot of events and activities line up, you won't want to miss this preview coming up. weekend is upon us. it does not look quite as wet as it once did. storm that will produce rain is going to impact areas off to the south. that said not much sunshine
5:38 pm
this weekend. we have cloudy skies both saturday and sunday and we will be cool with highs in the lower 60's and bulk of the system passes to the south can't rule out showers late saturday and early
5:39 pm
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5:41 pm
you can buy a lot of things these days from a vending machine, but imagine, buying a used car, the same way you grab a snack or a sewed a check this out company called carvana is selling cars out of vending machines. customers will go on line they pick out a car and retrieved from a giant vending machine and brought to a delivery bank for pick up. company has machines in about a dozen cities across the country. carvana wants to make buying a car as simple as buying a bag of chips. >> how about that. >> a price for a seasonal favorite, seafood enthusiast
5:42 pm
will be paying more for crowd this summer. coming up at 6:00 reason for the price hike that will have you shelling out some extra cash. >> shelling out some extra cash.
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5:45 pm
we're days away from a special event in philadelphia, that is guarantied to get you excited about science. >> our vittoria woodill is in the einstein health care science center with that story . >> it is science fair that is a lot of fun to be had and from april 21st, to the 29th the franklin institute has some stellar events lined up. here's a preview of is what to come that is out of this world >> we want you, to see that the science is right where you are. >> reporter: for nine days you get to be a scientists. the franklin institute is celebrating the philadelphia science festival with over 80 events, across the philadelphia region. lets give a break down of the make up by chief astronomer derek pits. >> you can go in the lab and pretend you are, learning how
5:46 pm
to be a surgical nurse or go someplace else and learn how to be a forensic scientist or you can learn how to be a bee scientists. those are going to be the most exciting things we can do because you get to go in the laboratories and see what it is like to do that. >> sound out of this world. >> fabulous. >> speaking of, plenty of star looking. >> astronomy night will be a night where we have 24 telescope toss stream it all around the city so that no matter where you are, there will be a telescope somewhere near you. >> wow. >> reporter: but science festival events aren't just for kid. if you are 21 and older you will get your chance to geek out too. we have geek out game show very much like a science version of the jeopardy. we are here with the franklin institute's and the challenge is this, which of you two can make and launch the largest number of these rockets, in 30 seconds. on your mark, get set, go.
5:47 pm
we're almost there. >> hurry up. hurry up. she can still win. >> you won, you won. >> see how much fun science can be, but real winner here is you, most events are free and closes out with a huge carnival. sound like a can't miss. i'm vittoria woodill in the einstein health care science center. >> my science class was never that much fun. >> no, that is fun. >> science can be fun, we saw that firsthand. >> yeah. >> well, i got a text from my dad in phoenixville who said sun's out, it is beautiful. gorgeous evening. a few of our weather watchers couple people showing sun finally breaking out. too little too late for to us
5:48 pm
really warm up quite a bit this afternoon but we are seeing sun and you want to cherish that. if you see it. we may not see it much over next several days. lets take a look outside and see some sunshine. we are in the studio but if we were to walk outside the door we would see sun as well. we can see blue skies finally peeking out after what has been a dreary, gray day but as we always talk about there is a phenomenon called self-destructive sunshine. when we have a front any front destabilizees atmosphere. we have a few showers and storms popping up to the west. this could increase potential that a few of us pick up a shower or storm later this evening but at lee sunnies nice to look at. temperatures are rising as well, any areas seeing the sun , bill layden in cardington , 68 degrees. after the skies cleared it turned into a nice afternoon. all depend where you are, some spots still stuck in the cloud cover. we have 61 in ed connor's house in chesterfield.
5:49 pm
it was clearing up now. nice and warm but you can see what a foggy, glummy morning it was in chesterfield, new jersey. lots of fog out there with that warmer air trying to push n warm air is lurking in the at months near. we cannot get it to pull down, at lee until now. sixty-six as we check would your friend joe's neff orland. he has sun peeking out. we will show you one photo from phil, he says, nice afternoon, finally, got some sunshine in chestnut hill and savior it while you can, that is great advice, a lot more cloud cover to talk about through the weekend. here's what is going on in the poconos. we will show you the pocono mountain cam there looking a little gray. we have a few showers and storms on storm scan three to show you as well. most of these off to the south and to the west right now, nothing really popping here in philadelphia what i want to draw your tension toys how cloud have thinned out. skies clearing now. we are getting sunshine. temperatures on their way up. so as these showers and storms movie, they have got some moisture and some warmth to
5:50 pm
draw from and i do think they will survive better, through the rest of this evening. then we have to watch out for this next system for weekend right about here, this is going to clip us to the south, and then could bring some showers especially tomorrow afternoon. trying to see clearing in margate still looking foggy there. here's what to expect through the weekend. stray shower or thunderstorm this evening. tomorrow starts out cloudy but generally dry. 10:00 a.m. a couple showers off to the south. we will head through evening those showers will clip further north in philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. we will clear it out saturday night. another wave of moisture sunday morning but that is off to the south as well. so by sunday afternoon from the city on north that is our best chance to see sunshine this weekend and then this develops in the coastal low which will bring more cloud and the chance for some rain on monday, once again. soggy stretch, afternoon showers for your saturday, light rain possible, sunday morning showers to the south, some sun to the north and then monday into tuesday that system off shore brings cloud and scattered showers. and my fellow penn staters
5:51 pm
heading up to penn state college for the blue/white game. mostly cloudy. little on the cool side with the spotty showers. last year was much nicer with sunshine and going to feel like one of those cloudy days in the valley tomorrow. 54 degrees here overnight for your saturday lots of cloud, showers, especially in the afternoon and into the evening sunday mostly cloud which a few breaks of sun, we're cool, damp monday into tuesday and then look at this pattern change. by end of next week we are in the 80's just into to kick off that draft on thursday. jessica and nicole back to you well, a kensington recognizable to fans of the rocky franchise is no more, the storefront. >> how are you deal with this. >> hey, how are you doing. >> do you remember adrian's pet store, featured in several of the films? it was a frequent stop on tour s designed for rocky fans. a tour group was on a tour and
5:52 pm
they went to the building on north front street when they found construction crews tearing the building down. rocky fans said the building has many reminiscing about its role in the movies. >> he has that hard image, leather jacket and big bulky guy and adrian painfully shy. i think they needed the pet shop as a buffer, rocky could interact with buttcuss and dog in the front window and bird and she could see maybe underneath he is not so tough, maybe almost romantic. >> the film wants real pet shop had been empty for many years we will be right back.
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5:55 pm
this is baby seal, she loves that shower. she discovered it after her
5:56 pm
daily morning weigh in and they say that she has never looked back, she is inside for a little bit. she's first nile hippo born in the zoo in 75 years and become a viral star through a series of videos, just like this one. >> she's so relaxed. opens up her mouth. >> well, earth day 2017 is tomorrow and disney nature is starting the celebration today with its new film. >> born in china, in the rare look inside part of the world that few have seen and ukee talk with one of the film makers about this special movie event. >> we were the first film crew in the plateau which is 16,000 . once they landed in japan it took them 10 days, to get there. >> reporter: when viewers experience what the film crew discovered, the expression on their face, yep, probably something like that. >> landscape itself is so stunningly beautiful, and it is something that we as westerners have never really
5:57 pm
were privy too. we have in the been privilege toy that. >> it explores the circle of life in an up close, very personal way. with the lifestyles of a monkey, panda and leopard being shown like never before. >> we have been able to work with the greatest photographers, wild life cinema photographers in the world. >> reporter: china's the only place in the world where giant panda like yaya and her new born daughter live in the wild here's a rather wild technique >> guys working in the field with the pandas actually don ned panda suits that had panda scent on them so they wouldn't scare them away. >> reporter: way up in the tree tops, the monkeys like this, are an endangered species but they are also show offs. >> the monkey is another story because they love to perform for the camera. >> reporter: unlike the snow leopard weary of humans and not easy to observe, study or film. >> shaymore the cinema photographer it took him 90 days before he got his first
5:58 pm
shot. >> you can imagine what it is like when this splender is finally captured by the crew. >> you actually see some behind the scene footage at the end of the film that they are just cranked. >> reporter: just emotion roy wants movie goers to have about this film's visual thought provokes message. >> these films, you want to touch hearts, you want to educate but you also want, to show kid and adults the wonder of life and to appreciate what we have on this earth and appreciating it we need to protect that. >> reporter: well, amazing, actor john, narrates, born in china that opens up today. that will do it for "eyewitness news" 59:00. now at 6:00. >> a thousand gallons of propane, spilled during a pipeline leak. i'm leash a nieves and i'll tell why i people are still sender despite no one being
5:59 pm
hurt. unsuspecting drivers targeted, nails spread on the ground on purpose. who south jersey police think is behind all this and they say it is not the first time it has happen, kate. we're seeing some sun break out now but just in time we're also tracking a few showers and thunderstorms heading our way, which areas will see them and track more rain for upcoming weekend. is almost time for nfl draft so just how much will concessions cost you i'm anita oh on the parkway and i'll break down those numbers next. residents, on alert, a gas leak, among, along the pennsylvania pipeline has some than edge tonight, where renewing concerns about the potential dangers. officials say this is the third incident in the past year, good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer in for
6:00 pm
ukee washington. latest leak came earlier this month in morgan town following one in august 2016 in holidays berg and another in may 2016 in twin oaks. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in marcus hook with the very latest on that leak. >> reporter: nicole and jessica we have seen these natural gas pipeline leaks around the country in the past that have been volatile, explosive, sometimes deadly. sunoco logistics leak in berks county according to the company did not affect anyone but dit reignite some old fears. the path is paved for a new natural gas pipeline to run through berks county but just an old one is renewing concerns about the potential dangers of the pipelines in the region. >> you want to think that hey, it will go in, maybe i'm being irrational. >> reporter: wayne lee lives in the neighborhood where sunoco logistics pipeline runs through. his concerns over natural gas pipeline were solidified earlier this month when the 8-


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